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This blog was created to share my adventures in teaching and learning about nature!  I am an environmental educator and a life-long learner of planet Earth.  I started this blog when I was selected by National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions as a 2015 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow.  I wanted to share my efforts to teach with a focus on geographic literacy.  What is geographic literacy?  It is more than locating a spot on a map.  It is learning about the relationships between people and places.  It is thinking about how people impact the earth, and how the earth impacts people.  Geo-literacy teaches to use this understanding to make local and global decisions responsibly.

It’s an amazing world – let’s join together to take care of it!

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email:  lauramschetter@gmail.com
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Visit my project’s website:  h2youproject.com   H2yOu – connecting water to you!

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Laura Schetter


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