H2yOu Project

Please visit h2youproject.com to view and participate in this water project!


H2yOu is an online geographic literacy project for water quality education.

H2yOu Objective:  To inspire people to care for and conserve our shared global resource of water!

Educators:  Engage your students to connect to their local water source with activity plans aligned to the Common Core standards.  Create a water story with your students. Learn about the world through reading water stories from all over the world!

Here is an example of a photo essay from a school in Arjunabettahalli, an Indian village.

The water lady ensures that her village uses its water wisely.
The water lady ensures that her village uses its water wisely.

Travelers:  Post a photo of a body of water or of people interacting with water from the place you are visiting.  Include a description of what you’ve learned about this place’s water.

A log becomes a makeshift diving board in Nevis (a Caribbean country). By Dawnetta Hayes

Local Explorers:  Post a photo of your local water with a short description.

The Maumee River in Northwest Ohio is a tributary of Lake Erie. Locals now think about how the land along the river is important to keep clean. Last summer (2014) the Maumee River delivered agricultural runoff rich in phosphates to the lake, creating a harmful algae bloom. The water was unsafe to drink for a few days. We are proud of our leaders and citizens for taking good care to prevent this from happening again.
The “Mighty Maumee” (the Maumee River) runs through Northwest Ohio.  It is a tributary of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. Locals now think about how the land connects to the river and is important to keep clean. Last summer (2014) the Maumee River delivered agricultural runoff rich in phosphates to the lake.  This was one of the factors that led to a harmful algae bloom. The water was unsafe to drink for a few days. We are proud of our leaders and citizens for taking good care to prevent this from happening again.

Background info:  This idea was inspired from my experiences as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow of National Geographic/Lindblad Expedition.  Geographic Literacy goes beyond teaching how to find a spot on a map.  It is thinking about how people interact with the environment.  It is how the environment is impacted by people.  It is understanding how communities around the world each have their unique geographic and cultural features.  People all over the world also have many things in common.  Water is a commonality for all humans, and for all living things.  Every living thing on planet earth has one thing in common:  we all need access to clean water to survive.  Look at a map – all waterways connect.  Taking care of our own water is not just taking care of our community – it is caring for the global community’s water source.  We all share this one source of water.

16 thoughts on “H2yOu Project

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  3. Bam

    Water Story
    One day I was in Cozumel Mexico to go to our house down there and we went to the ocean. My brothers and I went into the ocean and went scuba diving. Sometimes I do worry about running out of water because if we don’t have water we wouldn’t be able to live and nothing would be alive today. That means that you can have fun in water but you have to know that water is important because we need it to live. The ocean also gives shelter to certain animals like sharks, octopus, crabs, etc so it provides shelter and life for other animals as well. So if we have water, any kind of water, we can clean it. Like salt water or not purified water we could clean and purify it. Then humans, animals, and plants would have more water to have.


  4. Alyssa

    My class went to the water treatment plant in Findlay a few days ago so we could learn about what our water has to go through before it comes to us. We learned about where the water comes from and how it gets clean. I thought the process that the water had to go through was very interesting. Also, I learned that there is much more than one process water goes through to be perfect for our usage. Lots of people think that water just comes to us naturally and there’s nothing that we have to do to make sure it’s healthy. However, there are many different processes that it has to go through to be clean enough for human use. I’m lucky to have been able to go to the plant because now I know that water has many different processes and that you can’t just get it from anywhere.


  5. Andrew Kostendt

    Andrew Kostendt 11-6-15 Period 1 / 4

    I was once in Kissimmee, Florida and my cousins and my grandparents and my parents and I went to Cocoa Beach. At first we went swimming, but my cousins and I thought it was to cold so we played a game of who could catch a seagull. I went first and was almost there, but the seagull flew away. Next my cousin Carson went and the same thing happened to him. Then my cousin Dawson went and he caught one, but eventually let it go. The my cousin Riley Lynn went and she got pecked in the head by a seagull. After that we got over it and went into the cold water. We played a game called tsunami where when someone says, “tsunami” everybody would try to save the one that said tsunami from the tsunami and drowning. After we got bored of doing that we all wrestled in the ocean (My cousin Dawson won). Then after that we played epic tsunami. Epic tsunami is where there was the waves of the ocean being the tsunami, also the person who yelled tsunami was the tsunami and tried to tackle the other people into the water. After that the grownups told us to get dried off we are going out to eat. We got to the restaurant and sat down. We went out to the peer after we got done eat and people were fishing. One guy got a fish, when we pulled the fish up there was a crane on the peer. The crane took the fish off the guys hook. After that we went back to our Florida house and enjoyed the rest of the day.


  6. Maximus

    Water is a very important part of life. We use water for everything in our daily lives. But some people don’t have water. I think that we should find a way to get fresh drinkable water to places that desperately need it. I think a way we could do this is if we found a way to get the salt out of the ocean water easily and cheaply. We could provide these places with these systems and they could have an endless source of water. They could use this water for agricultural reasons, to drink, to bathe and anything else they need it for. People in Israel use this and it has worked pretty well for them. This is how I think we should fix this problem and help the people with no water.


  7. Co co

    I went body boarding in South Carolina,I used the water by having fun on the ocean. Another way I used it by sliding on the waves. I had a lot of fun using the water and I hope it stays to use again some other day. I really like the ocean and I hope it’s there when I go back to see it again and all the other people who enjoy the ocean. My family and I were having fun there this summer and we all hope to go there and see it and all the creatures that need it to live.


  8. bruh

    I use water to drink, shower, go to the bathroom, and wash my hands. I never worry about running out of water because if we do run out of fresh water we will use desalination on the salt water. And even if we do run out of water it won’t be this generation. It will take years and years to finally run out of all water on earth. If scientists find a way to make desalination easier and more affordable we would be able to take down the sea level a little. So in a couple of years it won’t flood half of the world.


  9. Kennedy

    Water we use has little salt
    Able to use it in the shower, for drinking, washing hands, and washing clothes
    This water in here for you and me
    nEed to drink a glass of water every day
    Running out of water is nothing you should be thinking about right now.


  10. M.M.

    The destination of my water story is Lake Hamilton in Indiana. This lake is special to me because I spend most of my time here and I learned how to do many things there growing up and that’s where my dad grew up. I learned to water ski, fish, and tube. I think that we should preserve the water here because this is where most of the people get their fish when they go fishing and we get water from the lake and if we eventually run out of water, people will move away and not go there anymore. This would be a bad thing because they would really miss out. Lake Hamilton is beautiful and you can create good memories there. Earlier, I’ve found trash on the beaches and along the shore. I think that we should stop littering because that could kill the fish and the turtles in the lake. Also, littering will take away the beauty of the lake and being there. The lake is beautiful when the sun is setting and it is a great place to take pictures. The lake is beautiful when the sun is just coming up. http://hamiltonlakemarine.com/


  11. Maddie

    My Water Story
    My water experience went a little like this, it was a sunny day in Florida. My sister Izzie, my mom, me Maddie, and my dad on a bike went on a run. We saw the beach and it was a pretty sight. Although there wasn’t much going on it was a beautiful sight. I was ahead of my mom and sister, but my dad was staying with me on his bike. When we got back to the rental house my grandpa and grandma always pay for each year I went up stairs and laid on the couch. I got a glass of water and that’s when my grandpa asked me to go on a bike ride with him to the state park, I think. I didn’t know there would be a surprise there. We rode our bikes all the way there. We went up the ramp while asking people to move out of the way, but we decided to walk some also. When we got all the way up the ramp we saw blue sparkling water. It was a pretty sight, but I couldn’t believe it. It was peaceful unlike any other beach we ever went to which had loud children, blankets and towels laid out, and sometimes no room sense there was so many people. My grandpa told me we were going to come back there tomorrow with the whole family.
    The next day we came back to that beach with the whole family and sat towels down. I tried going into the water, but it was cold, so felt refreshing, but the water was shallow. I also could tell the water was very clean because it was like looking through a piece of glass you could see the bottom. So that day we were all running around and we found a starfish. I think I noticed how nice water is on this trip. I didn’t have to worry about anything going wrong. It was a beautiful day and we found two starfish that were alive and we set them out to the Gulf of Mexico. I also noticed how you can find the living things in the water. I thought that was amazing day and I liked to share it with you.


  12. MJL

    My Water Story
    At my house I have a creek that runs behind my house and through my property. My family and I own 51 acres of land and the creek is probably somewhere around two acres behind our house. My family and I also own some cattle. They use the creek as their drinking water and to cool down. The water isn’t the cleanest, but the cows don’t mind. We built a concrete bridge to run across the creek so we can be on both sides of the creek at any time.
    The creek isn’t very important to me but, it is to my cows. We feed our cows in the winter because the grass and leaves are dead so they have no food. But, we don’t ever give them a drink. The creek gives them that, so if the creek wasn’t there the cows would have no water source. It’s probably hard for them when the creek gets frozen in the winter time but they eat the snow and it counts as water when it melts in their mouth.
    The creek is also fun to walk through when it gets shallow enough. And when a big storm comes and knocks down a tree across it, its fun to walk and play on. I am thankful for our creek when it comes down to it, and I bet the cows are too.


  13. Ehomes

    My Water Story: Norris Lake

    In July of 2015 I went on a summer vacation to Lake Norris. Other people call it Norris Lake. It is in Tennessee. I went on this vacation with my brother Lucas, my sister Cassie and her husband Seth, and my mom and dad. The area that we were visiting was very hilly and our house was located on the side of one of the huge hills in the area. While we were at Norris Lake I went fishing, tubing, and swimming. What we did was we rented a pontoon boat and a tube, and brought our fishing poles and bait to fish with later on. Then we drove around on the water for a little bit then set the tube up so that we could use it for awhile then take a break. Every now and then we would ride up to a little closed off area off the shore of the lake and try our luck with fishing. At the end of the day my family was tired with no fish, but were still happy. The water that the house supplied was from Norris Lake but I think it was mainly groundwater. I personally love swimming in lakes rivers ponds pools or whatever seem safe enough to swim in. Norris Lake is one of the biggest man made lakes in the U.S. This vacation was one of the best weeks of my life.


  14. ASortor

    The campground that I go to is Pleasant View Recreations in Van Buren, Ohio. The campground has 2 ponds and 1 pool. There is a fishing pond, and a swimming pond. The fishing pond has a lot of different types of fish, but once you catch the fish you have to release them. The swimming pond is really fun to swim in, I wish that the pond was open all year long. But it is only open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. The pool is brand new and not as big as either pond, not everyone can be in the pool at once. But most of the the people don’t like to swim in the pond water because the water is not that clean. I really like to go swimming in the pond, because I can go without my parents in the fence around the pond. Ever since the Fourth of July, noticed there have been tadpoles in the pond. A lot of people that go swimming like to take a bucket and put tadpoles in the the bucket to take back to their campsites.


  15. jp

    One day I went jet skiing and started to think about water is important. Water is important because if there was no water the jet ski would not have anything to float on. If there was no water we would never be able to use it for recreational purposes. If there was no water to drink then we would die. If we died then the animals would overpopulate and the world would end. So I started to think about it more and more then remembered that the world is made of 75% water.


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