The purpose of this blog is to share my passion for learning about the environment and for teaching others to care for the earth and all of its life. My favorite ecology book, Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac, inspired the mission of this blog. I envision unique ways to connect people to the natural world and to live harmoniously with the environment. Themes that my projects focus on include the following: geographic literacy, environmental/conservation education, inquiry-based learning, and cross-curricular methods. Our planet is an awe-inspiring place with beautiful places and fascinating people – let’s protect it and learn with and about each other!

Contact me at:
email:  lauramschetter@gmail.com
Twitter:  Ecoschetter
Visit my project’s website:  h2youproject.com   H2yOu – connecting water to you!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. K2

    Woo Hoo! Big excitement from your friends at Wood Lucas Pheasants Forever for your dedication in spreading the the all important land ethic, conservation, sustainability message! K2


  2. Dave Kajtaniak

    I will be following along with your travels Laura. Keep up the great work of connecting people with our natural environment. Very proud of ya!


  3. Anjali

    Hai Dear Miss.Laura,

    Hats-off to your to your work really its been appreciated…
    each and every sentence has its own meaning really beautiful…..
    you are sharing your knowledge with each other so sweet of you.Thanks a lot for u.keep it up and i wish you a very very goodluck for your further works.a small gift for you…
    Do you know the meaning of your name..just go down….

    L=>Lovely character
    A=>Always smiling girl
    U=>Unique nature
    R=>Role Model for man kind
    A=>Always Happiest girl

    *Laura is a lovely character with always smile and unique character who is role model for man kind being an happiest girl….this is what the laura is (Its created by my own not copied from any where)

    Thank you..

    From one and only=> Anjali
    Hotel purple lotus..


    1. Laura Schetter

      Dear Anjali and Purple Lotus, I appreciate your kind feedback! Thanks to you for providing an opportunity to connect to the natural world while at your hotel, Purple Lotus!


    1. Laura Schetter

      Hi G! Thanks for the encouragement and for reading my blog! One of my favorite naturalists said, “If you’re not trying to change the world, then what’s the point?”. Love back to you!


  4. Eric Miller

    I think that most of all of the thing are very interesting and most of the time they all like to do what they love to do

    Gigi believes that fruits and vegetables should be planted after you have had practice


  5. Allison Jones-Norton


    Hello! My name is Allison Jones-Norton and I currently am the NHS advisor at your alma mater, Central Catholic High School. We are in the midst of planning the December Assembly, surrounded around our theme of “Go the Distance,” and with your experience with traveling, being involved in the National Geographic trip, and continuing your education, we thought you would be a great candidate. If you could email back about your possible interest in this event, I can provide more details and specifics. Thank you so much!

    Allison Jones-Norton


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