From Antarctica – Thank you!

Thank you banner with new friends from UK, India, Vietnam, China

“Antarctica will decide what we do.”  When the winds of the Drake Passage crashed the satellite dish onto the deck, I wondered if that boom is what it would feel like to collide with an iceberg?!

“Antarctica will decide what we do.” This would become a common phrase from our expedition leaders.  Navigation and activities would totally depend on Antarctica’s weather. This was Antarctica’s way of telling us to disconnect from communication – to just be with Antarctica. Take it all in. Learn from it. Listen to what this place has to tell us. I have indeed listened to Antarctica and I am now home safely, back to wifi to share what I’ve learned.

Everyone that has supported me in getting to Antarctica was with me along the way. Each name is printed on the thank you banner I carried all the way to the bottom of the earth.

Where do I start sharing my story? I start by sincerely thanking all 209 individuals, families, and companies that supported my journey to Antarctica – the last pristine continent on planet earth.  More to come as I adjust to a warmer, wifi-heavy world…

Robert Swan and I thank you for supporting my journey to Antarctica!

One thought on “From Antarctica – Thank you!

  1. Barbara Schetter

    This is such a awesome thank you. Everyone will enjoy all your stories you have to share too! Happy you were able to join Robert Swan on this beautiful expedition.


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