Safe Arrival to Ushuaia, Argentina

ush sign

My face is actually sore from smiling so much today!  Greetings from Ushuaia, Argentina South America – the southernmost city on our amazing planet! This a beautiful mountainous city on the water.

ush mtns

This city is the site we will embark on the Ocean Endeavor ship to sail to Antarctica.  After 28 loong hours of travel time, with punctual and smooth flights, Robert Swan and his International Antarctic Expedition team gave us a very warm welcome.

ush swan and schetter
Robert Swan and I.  I’ve been waiting to snap this pic.  Last time I saw him I was too excited to even think to ask!

Today was an exciting time to meet my fellow travelers.  We are kindred spirits joining from all over the world who are passionate about making the planet a better place. All 130+ of us have become fast friends.

ush new friends
New friends from India, Vietnam, China.  Love them already!

An important preparation step included a gear check.  Phew – I got a thumbs up.  My gear is cleared to keep me safe and warm on the coldest, driest, windiest place on earth!

ush gear check
Gear check all good!


I will be blogging about my journey as I share observations of the Antarctic environment! However, Wifi is likely to be intermittent from Antarctica, so blogs may be posted on an unpredictable schedule – or even on a 2 week delay. Please follow the journey from the land of penguins!  There is a good chance I’ll even be a guest blogger on the 2041’s daily blog:  2041 blog  Sign up to follow that.

Tomorrow’s main task – begin navigating through the Drake Passage.  Forecast:  gale force winds.  VERY windy.  Up to 30 foot waves.  This is happening.  When I wake up tomorrow, it will be the day I’ll journey to Antarctica!




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