Farewell Video – Embarking Ship to Antarctica

The wind whips right through the Andes Mountains and me with this farewell video message, from Ushuaia, Argentina, South America.
If you think this wind is crazy – imagine how intense it will be crossing the Drake Passage on a ship!

As I said in the video, we’ve been briefed on how extremely difficult it is to connect to wifi on the ship.  Robert Swan’s request is to spare ourselves of this guaranteed frustration and to disconnect from social media.  Instead, I will spend my time reflecting and documenting through an offline blog.  You can expect blog entries and water stories on the H2you Project at a 2-week delay pace.

Alternately, we have a person on the ship whose sole job is to spend the entire day waiting for wifi to connect for a team blog.  There may be a possibility of me as a guest blogger.  Sign up to follow that blog:  2041 blog and maybe see a message from me there!

As I said in the video – thank you to all 209 individuals, families, and businesses that have supported me to participate on this expedition.

See you in 2 weeks!

2 thoughts on “Farewell Video – Embarking Ship to Antarctica

  1. Alice Polley

    I endured 36 hours of a hurricane in the Drake Passage on the way back to Ushaia from Antarctica. it was 36 hours of pure hell curled up on my bed unable to eat or walk, holding on for dear life, until we entered the harbor. All discomfort ended immediately. I would make the journey again in a heartbeat! Good luck Laura! Alice Polley


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