En Route Antarctica NOW!

“Now we’ll be with you to keep you warm in Antarctica.” My heart is warm from some surprise send-offs for my journey to Antarctica.   My students gifted me with a blanket they signed.   My running friends made me penguin cookies at our last practice together! That’s the spirit of this expedition – my students and sponsors (209 names of individuals, families, and companies) are invested and are with me to learn how to protect this amazing planet from Antarctica!

Greetings from a layover at the JFK – NYC airport!  The much-anticipated day has come and I am heading south to Antarctica with Robert Swan on 2041’s International Antarctic Expedition!  It will take 28 hours of travel time to fly from Detroit to NYC to Buenos Aires, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina (the world’s southernmost city).  I’ll spend one night there.  Then, on Monday at 4:00 PM my new expedition friends (representing 27 countries) will board the Ocean Endeavor and sail across the Drake Passage.  We will finally arrive  to the Antarctic continent on Wednesday!

  • Want to follow the Antarctic journey?
    I plan to write daily blogs to share what I learn on this journey.  Sign up to follow me directly by going to lauraschetter.com and click “follow.”  You’ll then receive an email each time I post.  Depending on weather and intermittent wifi, I may not be able to share these posts daily.  Don’t worry about me if there is a few days’ delay in posting.
  • I am honored to have been invited to blog for the GLOBE program.  Look for these blogs here.
  •  I’ll be collecting and analyzing water samples to share on this site.  I’ll post water stories  on my H2you Project – H2youproject.com
  • Additionally, you can read a more general group blog from the 2041 page on our expedition.  Click here.
  • You can track our expedition route here.

My students, co-workers, family, friends, and running community have made the last few days a special send-off for my journey to Antarctica.  Everything has aligned perfectly.  I obtained permission from the US government and EPA to test water (details later).  I met the fundraising goal!  I borrowed camera gear from my photography sponsor Kohne Camera.  Kevin Czajkowski (Dr.C) and Sara Mierzwiak from University of Toledo helped big time by training and lending me water testing tools!

jfk running friends
Thanks Jenny Wiles for making penguin cookies for our running team!


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