A Leap of Faith: Plane Ticket Purchased

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With gratitude to my community, friends, and family, I have raised enough money to purchase a plane ticket to Ushuaia, Argentina, South America: the springboard to Antarctica.  I have great faith that I will raise enough additional funds to board the expedition ship in Ushuaia which will take me to Antarctica.  But I need everyone’s help.

Some of you might call this crazy or a huge risk.  That I’ll get to the most southern city in the world and watch Sir Robert Swan and the 2041 Expedition depart without me.  But that is not what I am visualizing.  On December 2nd, I was invited to speak at my alma mater, Central Catholic High School on “Going the Distance.”  I asked the high school’ers to close their eyes, reflect on a goal, and then imagine themselves achieving that goal.  Visualize the success of your goals.  Robert Swan himself is a dreamer who sees big goals, visualizes success and then does succeed.  He succeeds in inspiring others to take action to care for the planet and in taking action himself.  Read more about him here.  I believe we are kindred spirits.  We both speak what we believe will happen.  In fact, when Sir Robert emailed me recently, the subject line was “Laura of the Antarctic,”  even though I have not yet reached my goal.

The title “Laura of the Antarctic” was the fuel I needed to visualize myself accomplishing this goal.  Today I grabbed a permanent marker and my planner and blocked out March 13-25 to embark on the International Antarctic Expedition called “Leadership on Edge.”  Then I purchased a plane ticket with the funds I’ve raised thus far.

To date I’ve raised $5,740 towards the bare minimum of $14,360 needed for this expedition.  That means I must raise $8,620 more dollars.

Joining this expedition is not a vacation.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop my water project, H2yOu, so that I can teach others about the global connections and importance of water.  It is a chance to experience the last pristine continent on our planet so I can teach my students and community more about the world.  It is a chance to develop as a stronger leader, public speaker, and environmental activist under the direction of Sir Robert Swan.

Please visualize me in Antarctica in March 13 , not on the shore of Argentina watching my ship depart.  Can you offer a prayer, an idea for fundraising, a few dollars (here’s my gofundme account) a corporate sponsor?   I am open to providing appropriate incentives.

Thank you for your support in fueling me to be the best teacher I can be.  I aspire to connect my students and community to care for the environment.

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