Success of Wine Into Water Fundraiser

wine into water group pic

Last night’s Wine Into Water fundraiser was a huge success!  We raised nearly $1,200!  29 painters supported the H2yOu Project by making donations to further develop my initiative to inspire people to care for and conserve our shared global resource of water.  My dear friend, Libby Riggs, taught us how to paint a water scene with a king penguin.

art teacher libby
Thank you Libby Riggs for teaching us how to paint a penguin’s water scene!

Q:  Why did we choose to paint a king penguin?
A:  Because they live in Antarctica, where I plan to go in March!

I, the creator of the H2yOu Project, have an opportunity to join Sir Robert Swan and the 2041 Foundation on the International Antarctic Expedition.  This would grant me an opportunity to research and develop the H2yOu Project with 135 environmental leaders from 27 countries!

The H2yOu Project shares water stories, so I shared the king penguin’s water story with guests.  The king penguin’s back is black and its belly is white for camouflage purposes – to either blend in with the snow or the ocean.  When they swim, they have to come up with air, so they bounce in and out of the water like a porpoise.  Their feathers are waterproof.  They are flightless birds, but they appear to fly through the water – their wings act like paddles.  They can drink salt water since they have glands under their eyes that will excrete excess salt.  Although free from human settlement, they are impacted by ocean pollution, sourced in places far away.  Water connects us all – even to penguins!

A HUGE thank you to Black Swamp Sports and my friend, Sean McKenzie for organizing this fundraiser for H2yOu!

Thank you to Sahara for donating food (salad, hummus, falafel)!

Thank you to Matt Wojtowicz and Gino’s Pizza for donating 13 pizzas!

Thank you to all who attended and made donations; I appreciate your support!

If you were unable to attend and would like to make a donation to develop H2yOu, please give and share my gofundme account:

tommy and misspaint
Tommy and Missy achieved painting king penguins!  
penguin set up

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