My Antarctic Journey Goal

I’ve been personally invited to join The 2041 Foundation and Sir Robert Swan on their 2016 International Expedition to Antarctica!  Swan and 2041 are committed to promoting sustainable solutions for our planet.  Through recycling, addressing issues of climate change, and using alternate energy we can achieve a healthier earth.  When the Antarctic Treaty is up for negotiation in 2041, with enough sustainable solutions, we can renew the treaty, continuing to ban exploitation of the last pristine continent.

Participating in this expedition would provide the opportunity to research and develop the H2yOu Project, while networking with environmental leaders from 27 countries.  I would also learn a lot about the Antarctic landscape and wildlife, as well as about climate change and sustainability.  This all information and first hand accounts that I can present to my students and my community.

How did I get invited on this expedition?
As a part of the filming of the documentary on H2yOu’s development, I had the opportunity to meet Sir Robert Swan (the first person in history to reach both the north and south poles unsupported; founder of 2041).  The documentary producer, Matt Russell, interviewed Swan on his views of world wide water and the H2yOu project (which he endorsed on film)!  When Russell asked Swan’s advice for me to advance the project Swan responded, “Laura needs to get to Antarctica with me to write water stories from the expedition!”  My jaw dropped, and it took everything I had to remain quiet during the filming!  Alternate energy leads allows for cleaner water, so H2yOu’s mission aligns with that of 2041’s.

matt interviewing sir robert
“Laura needs to join me in Antarctica to study and write water stories.” –Robert Swan

Life is a journey.  This expedition is the next step in my journey to teach others to care for our planet.  The idea for H2yOu was inspired in the Arctic as a product of my 2015 Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship.  That led to a documentary filming, which introduced me to Sir Robert.  When documentary producer Matt Russell asked “What is your advice for Laura to make her project go global?” Swan said, “You’ve been to the Arctic, now you must join me in Antarctica to develop H2yOu.”  This is the next step in my career journey and I can’t wait to share what I learn with my students and my community.

Pending raising the necessary funds by Feb. 1, I will join the “Leadership on Edge” expedition for 2 weeks in March.  Can you help, or maybe you know of someone who can contribute to this educational journey for clean water?

Click here for my gofundme page.  Every little bit helps.  Feel free to share the link too:

Click here for my “Wine Into Water” fundraising event if you live near NW Ohio or want to travel on Jan. 8, 2016.
Finally, to view the video link of NBC 24’s news coverage of H2yOu, click here.
Thank you for your support!
Laura Schetter
waiting for Sir Robert
Here I am waiting to meet Robert Swan.  In the excitement of the interview and the invitation, I didn’t think to have my picture taken with him.  I hope to get that photo in Antarctica!

4 thoughts on “My Antarctic Journey Goal

  1. Alice Polley

    I plan to collect water samples for you in Myanmar in March. Are there any do’s and don’ts that I should be aware of?

    This Antarctic opportunity sounds amazing. Congratulations!! What’s next? The moon??

    Alice Polley

    865 Central Ave, M203

    Needham, MA 02492


    617-921-8184 (cell)


  2. Laura Schetter

    Hi Alice,
    Great to hear from you! Thank you SO much for your donation to my Gofundme account; you’re very kind! Have you ever collected water samples before? If you are curious to learn about the water chemistry in Myanmar, we can talk about that for sure. Or – To write a water story for the H2yOu project, you could focus on a paragraph answering some of the questions listed on the website: Or here’s a traveler’s example:
    Happy Holidays and stay in touch, Laura
    P.S. Maybe we should go to the moon!


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