H2yOu site goes live!


Please excuse the radio silence on my blog. I’ve been busy creating H2yOu – connecting water to you! This had been a page on this blog and is now it’s own website! Check it out at h2you.co!!!!

Email:  waterstories@h2you.co
Twitter:       @h2youwaterstory
Instagram:  @h2youwaterstory

There has been a lot of excitement since my last blog entry about presenting at Startup Toledo weekend. A local documentary writer has been following the development of this project. A 15-minute documentary will be released in early February! Yesterday H2yOu made the local news (link coming soon)!

I’ve since presented H2yOu to the following venues:

  • GLOBE hydrology training – Sidecut Metropark, Oct. 30
  • Teachers’ Night Out – Dayton 5 Rivers Metropark Nov. 13
  • NWO STEM Symposium – Bowling Green State University Nov. 21
bgsu symposium presentation
Thanks to Kelly Damschroder, music teacher, for co-presenting with me on how to teach H2yOu!  Photo Credit:  Brent Carpenter
  • Rotary District 6600 Youth Exchange – special lecture, Nov. 21. 20 international exchange students from 12 countries attended and will soon be submitting water stories from all over the world!
  • Bowling Green Rotarian home presentation, Nov. 21. (BG Rotarians and friends of Dr. Bill Donnelly

As a result of the Bowling Green Rotarian home presentation, blogger David Dupont wrote a blog entry on H2yOu. In his entry “Stories to tell, water to save,” Dupont wrote,

“Inspired by Schetter I have started posting daily water photos on Instagram using #dailywater and including a link to H2you.co.”

Follow David Rene Dupont on Instagram and @DavidRDupont on Twitter to see his daily water photos and reflections.

H2yOu is online geographic literacy project. On the H2yOu website educators and their students, travelers, and local explorers can enter a water story on an interactive map. A water story is an expression in the form of a personal narrative, a poem, a song, a piece of art, a photo essay, or any other chosen form. It is an account of how people source their water, how they conserve it, how they interact with it. It could also tell about the environmental concerns of their area’s water and actions taken to care and conserve water. Website visitors can click on a map marker to read water stories from all over the world. The ultimate goal of h2you is to inspire people to care for and conserve our shared global resource of water.

Check out h2yOu’s website and view the water stories that have been posted so far. Enter your own water story to share with the world! We are all connected through water and storytelling.


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