Wildflowers and Thoreau on Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day to lovely Grandma Preski!

Henry David Thoreau said, “How fitting to have every day in a vase of water on your table the wildflowers of the season which are just blossoming!”  Delivering a bouquet of native plants today, from my own backyard, was the perfect Grandparents Day gesture for both of my grandmothers.

I take such pride in tending to my property with native plants, which are beneficial to the environment.  I felt sweet joy in sharing this pride and the beauty of the earth with my grandmothers.  They loved this Thoreau quote.

I experience such a powerful connection to the environment that it’s often challenging to find just the words to portray it.  My teacher friend, Mr. Zak Kidd is teaching high school English this year through authors that eloquently describe their nature connections.  He reconnected me to Thoreau’s works, which guide me to deeper environmental reflections.  I look forward to joining Mr. Kidd and his students as they explore environmental literature that puts readers in the authors’ shoes – or hiking boots.

Happy Grandparents Day to sweet Grandma Schetter!
Vases of native Oak Openings flowers including coneflowers, aster, black-eyed susans all ready to make grandmas smile!

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