India’s Nature Connections. First up: Lotus Flower


I safely arrived in Bangalore, India’s Purple Lotus Hotel at 3:00 AM this morning.  Through jet-lagged eyes, I grinned at the lotus flowers in the hotel’s lobby and courtyard’s ponds.  I knew it was a lotus flower, even though its petals were closed up.  It’s like it was sleeping and telling me I should be too (even though it was only 5:30 PM in my hometown).

Lotus’ petals closed up at night

After a few hours nap with the remaining dark hours, the petals would blossom with the sunrise.

Water lotus with petals opened during day light
Water lotus with petals opened during day light

The lotus flower is the national flower of India.  Lotus flowers can be pink, purple, white, red, or yellow. Both its sight and its meaning are beautiful.  They can grow directly from the ground or climb on a wall or fence.  The way that interests me the most is from muddy water.  It takes root in the mud, and grows up to the water’s surface, eventually blossoming a gorgeous flower that does not get wet or muddy.  No mud, no lotus.  In Hinduism, the lotus flower is a symbol of many deities especially, Krishna, Brahma, and Lakshmi.  It is believed that there is a sacred lotus in every human – a light and goodness to emerge even after tough times.

No mud, no lotus.  I am remembering that once I adjust to extreme jet lag and my stomach becomes accustomed to diverse cuisine, my Indian experience has a beauty to emerge.

Note:  The Purple Lotus Hotel is fantastic.  I’ve heard from other Indians that it is the nation’s culture to revere guests, and The Purple Lotus is adhering to that standard with their friendly hospitality.  My midnight blog writing  was paused when the night staff, Boobalan gave me a tour of the grounds and shared his knowledge on the lotus.

Six weeks of Indian nature connections lay ahead!  I am here for yoga teacher training at Shrimath Yoga and then teaching an Earth Expedition!


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