Winter Coat in June – Olso, Norway

Sticky humidity with near 90 degree weather and darkness at night was what I bid farewell to in Toledo, Ohio yesterday. This morning I arrived in Oslo, Norway’s rainy 40 degree weather. It’s 10:00 P.M. and it’s still light outside! Adjusting to the 5 hour time difference, to the climate, and to the midnight sun is training me for my National Geographic Arctic expedition in just a few days!

As I practiced wearing layers and a winter coat in early June, I strolled around Slottsparken (Palace Park), the home of Norway’s king. The grounds were filled with gardens, trees, and fountains. The caretakers use eco-friendly lawn care techniques. Best of all, the garden kiosk encouraged a nature connection,

“Please walk on the grass. Hug the trees – Enjoy!”

Don’t mind if I do…

A selfie stick would’ve made this tree-hugging pic easier!

2 thoughts on “Winter Coat in June – Olso, Norway

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