Environmental Care Packages for our Troops

IMG_1549 Memorial Day reminds us that we can show patriotism in a variety of ways.  I want to highlight the third graders at Wildwood Environmental Academy, who connected to the earth in a patriotic way.  I loved co-teaching with Mrs. Chaney and Ms. Hicks on this year-long project that integrated teaching about the environment into writing lessons AND supported our troops!

I enjoyed teaching a lesson on products from nature, which included the benefits of aromatherapy.  Each student sprayed lavender-infused water on a red and blue bandana.  A cover letter told the troops to enjoy the healing power of nature by placing the bandana on their pillow at night – or maybe keeping the desert sand off their face while sniffing the calming lavender scent.

Earlier this school year, Master Sargent Martinez and  Sargent Ellifritz visited these 8 and 9 year old’s and taught them about the environments of locations U.S. troops are/ have been deployed to.  Throughout the year, the students practiced their writing skills by sending letters and environmental care packages.  The packages included letters and poems about their thoughts on the earth, homemade paper they produced from recycled paper, valentines from repurposed art supplies, and an Earth Day package.

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