Feel Dirt and Be Happy!

photo by Jake Dzuibek
photo by Jake Dzuibek

Feeling in need of a mood booster for you and your family?  Start digging in your backyard dirt!

Risk of frost is over in Northwest Ohio, finally!  That means it’s time to plant my garden – the perfect activity for this beautiful spring day.  Today was a fast-paced day with my mind on a million to-do’s.  After 15 minutes of digging in the dirt I noticed myself slowing down and feeling very content.  I started to reflect on how putting tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants in the ground just might have caused this feeling of bliss.

“Digging in soil is therapeutic,”  I told the Toledo Blade in a 2013 interview.  In my 9 years of teaching, I have observed kids transform from “stressed out” to calm through nature activities.  I recently read an interesting article that discussed how touching microbes in soil may raise serotonin levels.  That’s the feel-good chemical that makes us feel happy.  It’s a good thing I garden without gloves, so I can reap more benefits of those dirty microbes!

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