Kids Dig in Dirt at Our School


Tomorrow is the big day!  Wildwood Environmental Academy will hold its annual plant sale, Saturday, May 9, from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM.  The greenhouse is full to the brim with vegetable, herb, and native plants!  All proceeds go to our environmental education fund!

So much learning, fun, and horticultural therapy time went into every single seed – each one planted by students’ hands from grades K through high school.

Preparing for this big plant sale is another example of how to involve environmental topics into other subjects.

Through a geographic lens (with Jason Duffield), we learned African symbols that encourage bountiful agricultural harvests.  In environmental art, my students created posters and plant labels with these symbols to decorate the greenhouse.

Of course writing can be tied into most any experience, so our middle school and high school language arts teachers (Keli Jacobs and Zak Kidd) had their classes help transplant and organize hundreds of plants, and will later write about this experience.

Teacher Zak Kidd (below) was too camera shy to prove it, but his hands were dirty along with his students.   I observed him bonding with his students as they repotted tomato plants.  Building relationships and having a jolly ol’ time – yet another benefit of environmental education.


See your at the plant sale!

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