Earthquake in the midwest?


An earthquake felt right here in Toledo, Ohio?! It’s true!

My boyfriend and I were eating lunch today when the kitchen shook, like it does from the teenage neighbor’s blaring sub-woofers. But today, there was no music.

I exclaimed, “I think that was an earthquake!”

He hesitated, “Nah- it’s the construction work down the street.”

I love being friends with science teachers. I called Mr. Robert Woodley (picture below) who took me straight to proof. The USGS website confirmed that, yes indeed, an earthquake occurred at 12:23 P.M. EST in the Kalamazoo, MI area.


Mr. Woodley continued to explain that the earth is constantly shifting and that earthquakes happen daily! This Midwestern quake is not along a major fault line, unlike the devastating one in Nepal.   Movement along that major fault line was powerful enough to create the Himalayan Mountains. So when that plate slipped in Nepal, it caused a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

The power of nature fascinates me. I could feel the earth shift from 125 miles away – which the USGS website stated is normal to feel at that distance, in this part of the U.S. I’m glad it was only a magnitude of 4.2 – barely enough to rattle my coffee pot.

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