I’m Arctic-Bound with National Geographic!!!

my hat
Me wearing the same hat I’ll wear in the Arctic!

I have flipped through travel catalogs for National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions for years. The breath-taking pictures seemed like a snapshot of  a far-fetched fantasy.  Earlier this year I learned about the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship (GTF).    Surely, this was another dream, I thought.  I mean really – they reads 3,000 applications and select only 35.  But my inner-teacher said a 1% chance is better than nothing, so why not go for it?  Then, National Geographic called ME!!!

Many  pictures of  teaching fellows in cold places showed a hat embroidered with the GTF.  I’ll sometimes now wear this iconic symbol around the house and dream of the Arctic. Now I know that dreams come true when we follow our passions and take chances.  I am so honored to have the opportunity to connect with nature in a remote location.  I can’t wait to share my adventure with other educators, students, my community, and anyone interested in learning about this beautiful planet!

National Geographic/ Lindblad Expeditions is sending me to their D.C. Headquarters for a pre-voyage workshop later this week, and THEN on their expedition to Arctic Svalbard in June!  Read the press release here.

Sign up to follow my blog so you can learn along with me about the Arctic ecosystem.  I’ll be posting about my trip in June!

I’m excited to join the community of GTF’s and wear that hat in the Arctic like these guys!

2012 GTF’s Doug Anderson, Coleman Eaton, and Mike Sustin sporting their GTF hats in Arctic Svalbard

4 thoughts on “I’m Arctic-Bound with National Geographic!!!

  1. Laura Schetter

    Hi Dave! The weekend at the Environmental Education Council of Ohio conference was inspiring – especially since you were featured in our newsletter! This weekend headed to Nat Geo Society’s Headquarters!


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